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people, places and things that make west central Minnesota a great place to live.
Come along as we explore life’s many options available right here in our backyard.
From the farmland to the rolling hills and the prairie, the lakes and rivers, we have it all — we Live it!

Life is one huge learning experience, and I know I have learned a lot in working with this first issue of Live it!

Through my work in the local media world, I’ve always been impressed with the caliber of artists living right here among us in west central Minnesota. They are our friends, neighbors and co-workers.

One local artist has traveled the world, letting her experiences inspire her work, only to return to her hometown community. Upon her return, she finds herself impressed with the local arts community and what it has to offer.

Our rural landscapes and many lakes offer a vast array of “Staycation” options. And a collegiate baseball team lets us expand our horizons by way of being a host family to a ball player. Meet one family whose expectations were far exceeded.

Life is busy and we all operate in our own circles. And, just as the lay of the land and the employment opportunities are varied across the region, so are the people. Meet fashion boutique owner Stacey Lux and learn how she manages home, family and two businesses.

Three self-proclaimed “foodies” offer their expertise on summer grilling tips, and will continue to bring you food sensations in every issue of Live it!

Grab each and every copy of our new quarterly Live it! magazine and we’ll continue to take you along on a journey that will explore the lifestyles of some of those people around us.

Learn as we learn.

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Life in west central Minnesota …
It’s a beautiful thing … Live it!

Sharon Bomstad
Live it! Editor