’Tis The Season

Fall is winding down and the holidays are just around the corner. That means life is getting busier for all of us. There’s the house to decorate, first for Thanksgiving and then for all the family and Christmas holiday gatherings, not to mention all the shopping, gift-giving and food to prepare for the various festivities.

In this issue of Live it!, interior designers Mary Weimerskirch and Deanna Savoie offer some insight on home decorating and tips for transitioning from one holiday to the next. If you’re anything like me, you just bring the decorating tubs down and unload them, letting things drop wherever there’s an open spot, or putting everything in the same place it was last year, and the year before that and the year before that. These tips promise to help us all become better decorators.

Nervous about those family get-togethers? In a new feature, “Life Happens,” Claudette Larson, a licensed independent clinical social worker, offers tips on getting along with the family during the holidays. You know, dealing with that one family member who loves to push your buttons!

Also new this issue, librarian Ryan McCormick offers some insight into Young Adult literature — which, apparently, isn’t just for young adults anymore. He suggests a few interesting reads.

Foodie Michelle Gauer shares some interesting ideas for table favors and gift ideas, and our health feature on avoiding holiday food guilt is also a “must read.”

The holiday season is a time of giving — sharing of time and talents — and remembering those in need. Renee Nolting of the United Way of West Central Minnesota shares some basic information on how your charity donations and gifts of time and talent can do the most good. We also meet two amazing women who have given of their time to help others. The first helps student athletes through her support of the high school athletic programs, and the second, being new to the community, found her niché through volunteering.

Having coordinated the region’s Warm the Children campaign for the past 18 years, I have also experienced the rewards of seeing a child’s bright smiling face when their eyes light up as they get something as basic as a new winter coat, all made possible by the generous donations of others. Right around the corner is a wonderful time for sharing with family and friends, as well as reaching out to others in the community.

The holiday season in west central Minnesota … It’s a beautiful thing … Live it!

Sharon Bomstad
Live it! Editor