It! Is Finally Here!

Spring (and summer) may finally have arrived. It seems to be one of those years where winter just lingers on (and on …) and then we more or less skip spring and go right into summer.

As I think about some spring cleaning at my house, I am reminded of the repurposing tips from the last issue of Live it! and the helpful reminder of Habitat for Humanity, New 2 You, Goodwill and other locations that will help me rid our house of “too much stuff.” This month we tackle spring cleaning our relationships in our “Life Happens” column.

Moving outdoors, in this issue of Live it! we explore the idea of gardening on a small scale. Maybe it’s because we wondered for so long if spring/summer would ever actually arrive that we decided to keep it small. Our Master Gardeners offer some new, and maybe not-so-new, ideas on container gardening and wee gardening, along with tips for ridding your garden of all those pesky critters!

Spring and summer also bring the idea of baseball and softball to the forefront — in hopes that we can make it to a few summer games. Maybe it’s the Minnesota Twins, the Willmar Stingers or even just a Little League game, but baseball/softball seem to be tied to summer. One of our West Central Tribune sports reporters, Rand Middleton, takes us along as he visits with a varsity softball coach and fast-pitch youth softball organizer.

And, speaking of summer, one of our columns this issue deals with summer swimming lessons, while others look at fitness ideas, style tips for summer and financial planning for the arrival of a child, as well as food fare for summer gatherings and refreshing drinks for summer. Ahhh! I can almost taste it now!

While we like to think of spring and summer as happier times, especially following a long winter, we also realize some people are dealing with unfortunate health issues like cancer year-round. I think I can safely say that while we have all been touched with someone in our lives that has dealt with cancer, whether a friend, family member or co-worker, few have put their caring attitude to work quite like our featured ladies. While cancer can be devastating, these women have found the proverbial silver lining and a way to help cancer patients feel better about themselves, all while helping them to look better as well. Kudos to these three ladies, as well as Jean, Kim and others we know going through cancer and staying strong. We truly do have some remarkable women among us.

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Life in west central Minnesota …

it’s a beautiful thing …

Live it!

Sharon Bomstad
Live it! Editor