Do You Have A Tat?

Love ’em or hate ’em, tattoos are becoming more mainstream. If you would’ve asked me years ago if I’d ever have a tattoo, I’d have thought you were crazy for even asking such a silly question. I even once told my son he’d better never get one. But that’s when I was stereotypying tattoos as being sported by “macho men” who needed to try and make themselves appear tough — or something!

I wasn’t even thrilled when my daughter got her first tattoo, although it seemed to “fit” her.

Today — you guessed it — I sport a tattoo with a story behind it. My daughter and I got tats together back about six years ago. It was her birthday gift to me, and we will always share that connection.

My tattoo!

Our tattoos are significant (at least to us) in that they signify something important in our lives, however insignificant it may seem to others. And, each of our tattoos include a rose, which is a middle name we share.

Mine, as you can see, is a frog with a rose. I started getting into frogs when my daughter was in high school. As a diver, she had a “thing” for rubber ducks, and it just seemed natural my “thing” became the frog. I have frogs everywhere in and outside my house, in my office, and now on my ankle, to boot. Did you know frog can stand for “fully rely on God”?

Our cover story on tattoos shares the story of a mother committed to her young son and his struggles in life. It also talks about how tattoos have become more mainstream, which, I guess, means it’s OK for me to have one! How about you? Do you have a tattoo or a story to share?

Just like it’s more common for women to have tattoos these days, archery is another sport that isn’t just for men anymore. We talk to a couple bow-touting ladies who share the sport with their husbands, children, family and friends. It’s competitive, it’s a social outing and it’s prepared them for hunting, short of carrying a gun. They even laugh about making the sport more “feminine” by sporting their pink camo and requests for a pink bow.

Staying more mainstream, late summer is the time for fresh salsa, canning salsa and so much more. Our favorite foodie, Michelle Gauer, takes us on an adventure down salsa lane as she shares her secrets, her recipes and her tips for everything salsa.

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Sharon Bomstad
Live it! Editor