Beauty Of Fall …

Fall is a beautiful time of the year. The fall colors, cool crisp nights, warm sunny days and the return to a feeling of contentment. For some reason, it seems like in the summer a person has to be busy doing something, going somewhere — always rushing to get everything in before the season ends all too quickly.

Recently, my husband and I took a few days off for our annual fall motorcycle ride. We actually left home with two bikes. Yep! I got my motorcycle license earlier this summer. Not sure how much I’ll actually use it, but after a couple of months of riding around home when we got the chance, we headed out to Fargo. You see, I had actually been riding (driving) our daughter’s cycle, and it was time to take it to her so she could get some riding in yet this fall. That was part of the reason to get my license, so that my husband and I could each take a cycle when transporting her bike back and forth (she doesn’t have room to store it over winter).

From Fargo we headed out, not sure “where the open road would take us,” as my husband told our daughter before we left. We ended up doing some reminiscing, traveling through the same countryside we used to visit each fall when we were first married. Back then it was a fishing trip. But it was interesting to see what had changed, and what was still the same.

Fall is a beautiful time for riding cycle. The picture above is of my husband on a trip we took up around McGregor and Grand Rapids a couple of years ago. It was a nice October weekend, cool in the morning and evening, but gorgeous riding during the day. We found some very interesting sites along the way, like this old railroad trestle bridge.

We love taking these trips, but getting back into a routine, back in shape and everything back in order is also significant of fall at our house. It’s a time to think about things we want or need to get done — school immunizations, a new exercise routine or things in life we don’t want to miss out on. Savoring the moment!

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Sharon Bomstad
Live it! Editor