Love Is In The Air …

February is often referred to as the season of love. At least that is what many retailers would have us believe in regard to sales surrounding Valentine’s Day. But, did you know more people get engaged on Christmas than on Valentine’s Day?

Even though it was estimated that some 4 million people would get engaged on Valentine’s Day in 2012 — and 6 million in 2013 — a recent survey of engaged couples conducted by The Knot showed that 39 percent of all proposals occur between November and February and 16 percent of those proposals are in December. Apparently the four biggest proposal days of the year are Christmas, followed by Valentine’s Day, Thanksgiving and New Year’s.

I guess my husband and I fit into that trend — although it was quite a few years ago for us! I always tell him he never really proposed, however. We just started talking about the future like we both took it for granted. We picked out rings together, buying from my brother-in-law at the time. Then, he gave me the ring as the last gift opened at my family’s Christmas Eve celebration. No bended knee or formal proposal.

I guess all along we both just knew it was meant to be. We were engaged less than five months after meeting and married in just over a year from the first night we met. A lot has changed over those three-plus decades, but our love for one another is still true. We’ve had the joy of watching our family grow to include our two children, a daughter-in-law and a grandson. Our son’s wedding day (thus the picture above) brought back the memories of our wedding day and all the joys we’ve shared along the way.

Love and relationships over the years is the focus of this issue of Live it! magazine. Ashley White found four special couples willing to share their stories with us. The story takes us on a journey of love, from the high-school courtship of our newlyweds, to a couple with young children adjusting to all the changes the family dynamic brings with it, to empty nesters finding time for themselves and each other again. The piece closes with a very heart-warming story of an elderly couple whose love has not waivered, even through their struggles with Alzheimer’s and all that the disease brings with it.

Thank you Ashley for a tremendous job of sharing their stories. Reading them all truly brought tears to my eyes!

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Love and life in west central Minnesota …

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Sharon Bomstad
Live it! Editor