Easy Getaways

As summer comes to a close, you may be wishing you took that vacation you were thinking about but couldn’t seem to fit into your busy schedule. You’re in luck! A number of great books published this summer are sure to whisk you away to a faraway land with great stories set in remarkable places.



Travel to the far north of Norway with a story about two individuals looking to learn how to be alone in “The Sunlit Night” by Rebecca Dinerstein. Traveling for different reasons, the two form a bond and find solace in each other despite great uncertainty.





Looking for something in the Southern Hemisphere? Try “Circling the Sun” by Paula McLain. Set in the 1920s in Kenya, “Circling the Sun” brings to life the story of Beryl Markham, an aviator caught in a love triangle who is transformed into a bold woman due to her unconventional upbringing in Kenya.








Pick up “The Star Side of Bird Hill” by Naomi Jackson to enter Barbados as two sisters spend their summer with their grandmother in this coming-of-age tale about recognizing love despite heartbreak.






Take a trip to a popular seaside resort club in the Mediterranean Sea with “The Rocks” by Peter Nichols. In this novel, you’ll follow a double love story turned mystery as you find out what happened 60 years ago on a honeymoon that forced two individuals in love to never speak to each other again despite living in the same small community on an island.





These books are sure to help cure any end-of-summer blues. If one of these do not peak your interest, stop by the library and find one that does. While you may not have the time to travel everywhere you want to go, there are no limits when it comes to reading.