Love Through The Ages

By Ashley White

It’s been said that true love never dies, but only gets stronger with time. No matter what life brings, love can be tried and tested — but if it’s true, can never be broken.

For our Valentine’s Day issue, we wanted to feature local people who have found their true loves. We asked four couples at different stages in life to share their love stories and any advice they may have for other couples. From newlyweds who have only been married five months to an elderly couple who has shared 61 years together, each couple featured here has had their share of challenges and triumphs together. At the end of the day, it’s easy to see that their love for each other brings them the most joy in life.

We hope you enjoy reading their stories. And however you choose to celebrate Valentine’s Day, we hope you are lucky enough to spend it with someone you truly love.

Newlyweds: Alan and Bethany Barka
New parents: Kelley and Nikki Erickson
Empty nesters: George and Kim Toops
Elderly couple: Burt and Donna Sundberg

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